License Agreement

The COVID-19 Data Center before you is an Open-Source project designed to make sure all citizens living in Zimbabwe are aware of the current situation that is at hand which is the Coronavirus. Therefore the service has been issued under the Creative Commons License agreement.

Fellow Developers, Spatial Epidemologists, GIS Personnel and anyone is allowed to make use of this service under the guidelines of the Creative Commons License. For more about the License Agreement kindly refer to the web page

You are allowed to:

  • alter the structure of the dashboard to produce your own publication
  • make use of the feature layers which contain the raw data that feeds the dashboard from our ArcGIS Feature Layers with the links provided at the bottom of this page
  • produce your own publication for personal, commercial use ONLY if you agree to keep the License Agreement as is and provide reference of this project by using the following notation
    African Surveyors Connect 2020, COVID-19 Public Awareness Project for Zimbabwe

Governmental Organisations, NGO's, Companies and any other individuals can embed the original dashboard of this project which can be found here. Please note that this is a Dekstop only dashboard and we will be releasing the mobile friendly version of it soon.


Below are the links which contains the Desktop Dashboard (live & realtime) and the Feature Layers that feed the Dashboard with data.

We have also published a step-by-step tutorial on creating COVID-19 ArcGIS Dashboards or you can watch our Video on YouTube Below

Creating COVID-19 Maps with ArcGIS Online

Creating COVID-19 Dashboards

for Programmers

Embedding the map


Embedding the figures Confirmed Cases, Recovered, Deaths & Active Cases


Embedding the Pie Charts and Gauges on rates


Embedding cases by province list


Embedding the cumulative growth graph


Embedding the daily positivity rate